Live your Wildest Dreams

Posted by Yamy Hoch on

it's your sky full of stars just look at the stars and they all yellow it looks like they all shine for you and you must let your heart feel what it actually feels, Be authentic to the universe in life we all give our very own selves away for nothing and life is meant to be live to the fullest whether is with you or without you and everyone knows i'm over my head because i'm valuable.
Being loved is what makes you feel accepted by those who eventually become a piece of your puzzle and sometimes its falls apart just to find someone else to start all over again rule of life is the you must allow yourself to give opportunities to those who deserve them it might be an opportunity for you to build your puzzle let them help you we all need to be loved, life would have no purpose if there wasn't anything that would drives us crazy.learn how to save a life it will keep you up all night but it will pay off.
Lights go out and they can't be seen but yet the confusion is still at home.but you must let go.Don't forget what you give to the universe it's what the universe will return' and when i said live your wildest dreams i mean it. you only live once and you must enjoy every second you get, don't waste time thinking on where you want to be seen instead waste you time where you can't be found and at the moment you will realize the life is much more beautiful then yesterday. keeping your pain inside your chest will only keep your dreams away but if you want you can listen to the music of life being live among the wild of happy living souls Be a catcher, Be a Dreamer, Be a happy spirit. 

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