Havasupai Indian Reservation

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"Adventures of a lifetime is what I want in my life." 
I'm an outdoors person, its truly where I find myself performing my natural talents, I recently had the honor to visit Havasupai Indian Reservation in Arizona and I can't believe after three years of trying to book this breathtaking place, which is famous for its natural wonders, and yes the day finally arrived when my husband decided to call the place  in late October and give it a try to see if they had some spots open, they told him they had a spot open for next year July 2018 he said he couldn't wait any longer so he didn't hesitate to ask if they were any spots lefts for 2017 luckily they were two nights open for November 7,8 they told him someone had cancel their trip ,so he ended up booking those two nights we were thrilled. Super pumped about it we only had two weeks of getting prepared and leaving everything packed. Sounds insane usually some people gets really prepared before going out there not to mention we are not professional hikers the little that we know we have learned from our previous trips, we just knew we needed some good pair of hiking shoes which we end up buying KEEN (click for direct access) a very good brand I will highly recommend also backpacks plenty of water and dry food.

It was quite the challenge to do this adventure but I'm always interested for this kind of challenges, I feel like they allow me to grow as person and as women who believes in herself, I took off into the wild with courage in excitement to see the beauty of nature, I was not disappointed, I immediately felt in love with the canyon alleys,cactus tree and just the wind flowing through, it was so magnificent to experience a different landscape, about 3 miles into the canyon we decide to take our first water break and already feeling bit exhausted but determine to continue the journey into an unknown place, I knew there was something beautiful out there, which its usually how I choose to motivate myself during my challenges, I always like to think there is reward for me at the end of it, and yes there it was the village of Supai, after three long hours of walking, we had arrived to this amazing place, the feel and struture reminded me of my home town in my native country (Honduras) seen the dogs and horses in their patios and backyards was incredibly wild and authentic, as we continue walking into the village we were encounter by the locals, we had lost our map so we were a bit lost, so they were very helpful by giving us directions to the lodge, which is super hard to get a room, but somehow we were lucky to knock off this adventure of our bucket list.

We were tired but we wanted to explore this place, we didn't wanted to waste no time in relaxing even though we need it to, after enjoying a good meal at the local restaurant with the crew, we decide to go explore the nearest waterfall, it was getting dark so we didn't have much time. But we wanted to see it for ourselves. The blue waters of this river were amazing, nothing compare to it. It was a true paradise in the middle of the Grand Canyon, here is shot of Money  Falls 





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