Iralda Judibeth is born in Guatemala a hardcore hipster, she grew up most of her life in the capital, she was always inspired by the Bohemian fashion, However, her biggest talent isn't only modeling but also Painting she has conquer international eyes, some of her work has reach countries like Spain. Her dreams are to one day live in Italy, she says it inspires her to do more unique art.



Yamy Hoch is born in Honduras, her roots are a mix of Palestinian & Honduran's her world always been a mix of traditions, she says is the best thing that has ever happen to her.It help her build a very unique personality, she feels confidence with herself and she wants to inspired other women to do the same.she is committed to conquer her Dreams. She never thought one day Modeling is was gone be something that would help her project her happiness and confidence to other women. As she always say's "you must find yourself first then adorn yourself accordingly".