Our Story



Our Story began the moment we fell in love with the colorful textiles the Mayan culture has in Guatemala, Then Etenalsprings is born as many of us may know the  Guatemala is the country of the Eterna Primavera with amazing flowers blooming all year long. As we continue to learn and explore Guatemala we discover the local art and culture it had to offer, & we were mostly impress to see the dedication it takes to elaborate a beautiful textile, the authentic feel is giving by hand which makes the weaving more delicate. Its truly an honor for us to take their products to the next level. The Hupiles contain vivid colors which represents their culture with a more colorful and original style. As being born in Guatemala we feel proud to help this incredible hard working artisan as helping them acquire more demand for their products, It develops a better lifestyle for this dedicated families, we knew that this was a great way to overcome some major issues in Guatemala we feel exited for making a dream come true not just for us but for those children that desire to have a better education and a better way of life. We feel inspired by all this kiddos that run around like nothing is missing, we feel joy when they accepts us with their warn love, & when we see them smile we feel more motivated to work harder for them just because they create smiles on us.Today Guatemala is the the heart of the Mayan World with beautiful landscapes,volcanoes, & crystal clear water rivers, and an amazing story for a traveler to tell the world. As we continue our journey we want you to become part of it, we want to be part of your fashion world in your everyday life by bringing you this hipster handcrafted handbags, accessories,shoes,& Home Decor.Our bags are perfect for traveling, or a day of shopping with your friends, & as we always say, We're Bohemian, We're Mayan, We're Eternal..